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Fitness Class Schedule | Monthly Subscription

Fitness Class Schedule | Monthly Subscription

Manufacturer: Kees Camp Fitness Studio
SKU: FCLASSmonthly
Price: $89.00 UNLIMITED, Monthly 50 in stock
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Fun, Results-Proven Fitness Backed By 21 Years Group Training Excellence!

Want the best in daily fitness? Kees Camp serves Des Moines, West Des Moines, Clive, Urbandale, Windsor Heights, Waukee, Ankeny and surrounding suburbs with some of the finest fitness classes available in the Midwest.

Since 2005, Kees Camp has helped thousands of clients reach their health and image goals. Based on 21 years group fitness training excellence, our curriculum is a proprietary hand-picked selection of fun and effective classes that work together to improve flexibility, fuel fat burning, increase cardio capacity, and develop strength and definition in your core, upper and lower body muscle groups.



Fitness classes are held daily as part of a year-round overall schedule that rotates class selections seasonally over four schedules. View this term's schedule below. After selecting a Class Membership option that best suits you, simply show up — it's that easy!

It doesn’t matter how coordinated you are, what your ability level is, or what type of shape you’re in,
Iowa’s top-level group training and pole fitness authority is here to help you succeed!

Our proprietary training curriculum is proven, easy-to-follow and offers a fun, effective variety of workouts under the watchful eye of experienced, certified Kees Camp Trainers.

From Pole Fitness to Pole Blast™, Yoga to Zumba, Hip-Hop to PumpTime, Ballet Basics™ to Kickboxing, we’ve got your back!

Come to what you want, when you want, as often as you want. Ultimate activity freedom! Join in anytime. All Kees Camp fitness classes are self-contained so you’re never behind.

STAR GRAPHICI first met Jen of Kees Camp Pole Fitness Studio when she took my certification course in Las Vegas. Jen was so dedicated to learning the moves and their order that she memorized each level before leaving Vegas! She was, and still is, the only instructor to do this!

Fawnia Dietrich
Founder, Pole Fitness Studio, Las Vegas

STAR GRAPHICJen Kees has changed my life! Plain and simple. For someone who has no dance experience and no grace, Jen made me not only feel welcome, but helped me find a confidence that I didn’t know I had. That has led to a new strength, not only physically, but mentally as well.

Samantha Knight
LAZER 103.3 Radio Personality

STAR GRAPHICThank you for giving me the confidence to wear leggings to work! A year ago, I would never have worn leggings outside my house (and maybe not even then). I can’t tell you how much better I feel about myself and how much more confidence I have. THANK YOU!

Kari B.
Des Moines, IA

STAR GRAPHICWorking with Jen, I have lost 40lbs & a total of 38 inches and have kept it off for 2yrs. I was a couch potato until I started Kees Camp she motivated and inspired me to do things I didn’t think I could ever do. Her fitness classes are always something new so I never get bored. Jen is not only a great trainer but a great friend!

Kris L.
Norwalk, IA

STAR GRAPHICLove the class. It brings me great joy and lots of laughs — and a kick-ass workout!

Heidi W.
Des Moines, IA

Hundreds more testimonals on Facebook

By popular request, all of our famous pole fitness, athletic, bootcamp and dance workout classes are now included with your fitness class membership — talk about maximum choice and cross-training opportunities!

With about 120 classes monthly, come to what you want, when you want, as often as you want! Pretty cool huh?


1 Class Drop-In
Unlimited Attendance
12-Class Punch Card
CHECKMARK GRAPHIC any fitness class
CHECKMARK GRAPHIC use within 3 months
CHECKMARK GRAPHIC any fitness class
CHECKMARK GRAPHIC choice of ~120 classes/month
CHECKMARK GRAPHIC easy monthly budgeting
CHECKMARK GRAPHIC auto-billed monthly to CC or debit
CHECKMARK GRAPHIC no joining or transaction fees
CHECKMARK GRAPHIC cancel with 15 days notice

CHECKMARK GRAPHIC any fitness class
CHECKMARK GRAPHIC save 18% over drop-in
CHECKMARK GRAPHIC use within 3 months
click here to purchase
use this page to purchase
click here to purchase
Kees Camp also has yearly memberships available ($75 monthly average, billed once annually). Contact us directly to enroll.
Purchase of any Kees Camp service or product constitutes acceptance of our policies. Please take a minute to read them HERE.
Visit our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page for answers to common questions.

Explore The World of Vertical Fitness at Kees Camp Fitness Studio!

Physical progress stagnating? Workouts becoming a boring chore? Want to feel confident and sexy?

Even if you've worked out for years, you'll experience amazing results with pole because it introduces movements and an exercise emphasis unlike traditional workouts.

Pole is an alternative mix of yoga, Pilates, strength training and dance cardio that melts fat, sheds inches and blasts core muscles — all while connecting you with your confident, sensual, feminine side. It offers beautiful, empowering physique training like no other and is so fun, you'll forget you're working out!

Jen Kees cover from 'Q Magazine' feature article,
The Des Moines Register, November 2012.

Our dance- and performance-based style of pole fitness generates an extra quality in our students that nothing else comes close to.

We give you the ability to be FLUID and NATURAL on the pole. Learning a laundry list of tricks paired with rudimentary movements in-between just doesn't cut it in our book.

In addition to its roots as a worldwide-proven, nationally certified program originated by some of the best minds in vertical fitness, Kees Camp pole fitness is backed by two decades of top-level dance/choreography experience and group exercise training mastery. Not only will you trick, you'll look GOOD doing it!

You've never poled before and need to know where to begin. Here's where you start learning the basics. Your feet will leave the ground from time to time, but mostly, we're working to get comfortable with posture, poise and patience. *ANY* skill or coordination level, we've got your back!


So you've dabbled here and there. Maybe you've attended levels 1 and 2 of our previous curriculum or have a pole in your game room at home? We recommend you park it here for awhile. You'll begin handstand inversions on the wall and pole before moving to our next tier.

You're so excited to go upside down on the pole that you can taste it! Not only will you go upside down, you'll move into powerful inside and outside leg hangs, push-hip climbs, side climbs, arm holds and more! Flexibility training will take on a whole new meaning...

Feeling pretty hot aren't you? Your confidence, awareness and mindset are channeled into aerial activity at this level. You've learned to "let go", you've mastered relaxing in a trick and you're ready to take on the next set of vertical artistry. You'll learn handsprings, ayesha, splits and so much more! We'll always have new stuff to master!

You are unstoppable! Challenge your physique, mind, fears and self-control on an entirely new level and don't look back! Tricking, transitioning, flowing and dancing on the pole for minutes at a time before your feet touch earth. Vertical artistry at its finest!

As a student, your emphasis should be on having fun and being safe as you develop your body and mind from an aerial perspective. You'll experience challenges and victories like never before. Like training to run a race in which you start by just making it a block or two, pole is a journey in which you'll progress through succeeding in small, incremental steps.

Our general recommendation is that each student remains in each of the levels for a MINIMUM of 8 weeks with consistent attendance. Each skill in your level should feel simple before you move on. If something's still difficult, take time to work it out — we're here to teach you every step of the process.

Be patient, enjoy your physical and mental development on your pole fitness journey! It's truly about the ride, not the destination.



We believe that fitness is a life journey, not an 8– or 10–week short-term transformation. We think that fitness should be FUN, effective and sustainable with your lifestyle.

We design and implement fun, unique workouts that get you away from poorly qualified, rubber-stamp, big-box mega-gym facilities and give you something to look forward to!


Since its inception in 2005, Kees Camp has built a proven track record of helping clients melt fat, increase core strength, improve flexibility, build cardio endurance and shape muscularity.

Iowa's original, nationally certified pole fitness authority, Kees Camp introduced pole training to Iowa in 2007. Kees Camp is a standing member of the Pole Fitness Association, and is one of a handful of Level 6 (the highest level) PDIC certified pole fitness studios in the nation.

Locally, Kees Camp has acted as the official personal training resource for Dr. Cherney’s Midwest Plastic Surgery Clinic P.C. practice, as a sponsor of the Des Moines Lady Blaze football dance team, and works with the City of Des Moines and City of West Des Moines to help provide ‘Yoga in the Park’ and ‘Yoga in the Lawn’ citywide programs.

Awarded ‘BEST OF CITY’ for Best Personal Trainer, Best Place to Work Out and Best Pole Fitness Studio, and ‘RUNNER-UP BEST OF CITY’ for Best Kickboxing and Best Local Coach by Cityview Magazine in 2012 and 2013, Kees Camp has been featured multiple times on local NBC and CBS news affiliates, and has been profiled for a myriad of newspapers, magazines, blogs, social media and radio stations.


Our industry-leading curriculum is led by skilled coaches and based on two decades of group exercise, dance and choreography excellence.

We’ve helped thousands of Iowans achieve fitness and weight-loss goals in a like-minded community where you’re treated as a person, not a number.


Fitness is a case of you get what you pay for. Sure, cheap monthly memberships SOUND nice, but what level of experience, service and safe instruction are you getting?

Proper training with expert coaches helps ensure that you get best results in the most efficient time frame, with the lowest risk of injury via workouts that keep you coming back for more.

It’s your time, money and body. Get the TRUE value of knowledgeable Kees Camp experts working for you.


All classes are conducted at our upscale v3.0 West Des Moines Studio in a private, distraction-free (i.e. no onlookers) environment.

Ballet Basics™
ONLY AT KEES CAMP: Ever wonder how ballerinas stand so tall and get lean? Experience it firsthand from our groundbreaking fusion of ballet and fitness — a Kees Camp original! Keep your body lean, conditioned and toned while working through the basics of ballet core curriculum. You’ll rehearse your plié, dance moves and leaps in this 1-hour class. Core strength, balance and isometric/concentric conditioning work with the application of plyometrics. As you gain practice, you’ll also learn how to sequence these flowing postures into 8-counts that flow gracefully to music. Perfect for anyone seeking low-impact exercise. It is also especially complimentary to our pole-dancing curriculum. Ballet has proven itself for hundreds of years, come check it out!

Boot & Box
The best of boxing and the best of bootcamp COLLIDE in this all-out interval, circuit-style, cardio- & endurance-conditioning hour! We'll hit the bags (bring your own wraps and/or gloves), run sprints, practice balance and feel the joys of a total-body challenge!

The ultimate mix of cardio and strength with an emphasis on torturing your tush! This energetic interval training class offers exercises that alternate in rapid succession to challenge your cardiovascular conditioning, core and upper/lower body. Classes are always fresh and new — weather permitting, we may even go outdoors!

BOSU Blast
Picture a world that's not flat — that requires you to think with each and every step you take... Welcome to BOSU Blast! Core conditioning, balance training and cardio like no other! Stand taller, condition your heart, gain better balance and receive a total body blast as we work on and off the BOSU. Form-fitting shoes or bare feet are recommended for this class (running shoes are a no-no).

Capoeira [kap-oo-air-uh] is a Brazilian physical art form similar to breakdance. It combines dance, fight moves, rhythm, music and acrobatics. Capoeira is a dialog between participants in the class. It traces back 400+ years to descendants of African slaves with Brazilian native influences. Capoeira is a fun and challenging way to get in shape and develop your skills (both physically and mentally).

Contemporary Dance
Description to come :)

Glutes, Guts & Glory™
A precision-blended workout to hit the problem areas most of us suffer. We break it down to to 1/3 butt, 1/3 gut and 1/3 general cardio training. The glutes and guts portion is a fantastic mix of resistance exercises targeting each of the muscles in the rear and torso. The glory portion is an endurance cardio challenge that focuses on walking/running or indoor cardio drills (agility ladder, steps, BOSU and more). A Kees Camp original! (GLUTES & GUTS, an abbreviated version of GG&G, also offered).

Gym Jam™
This jam is all about you and how you want to spend your time at the gym. Our studio if full of playful fun that reaps awesome physical, emotional & mental rewards. In Gym Jam, you get to decide what you'd like to focus on! Poles, BOSUs, a treadmill, jump ropes, bands, stability balls, a lyra, hula hoops, boxing bags and more to choose from! An expert Kees Camp trainer will be on the floor to guide you in the right direction. Play YOUR way!

HEAT (High-Energy Athletic Training)
You'll get a HOT workout indoors and outside, while exploring your cardiovascular and athletic thresholds! This class features a winning combination of non-weighted core exercises, drills, walking, running and other cardio activities designed to melt fat and boost your fitness levels. Geared towards all abilities, modifications are demonstrated for those unable to run or perform other specific movements.

Hip-Hop & Abs
Rock it out! You'll love the high energy that this class offers... You'll learn and perform Jen's original hip-hop choreography to some of the sweetest beats out there. Learn the dances to throw down at the club while getting one heck of a workout! The last portion of the class is devoted to tightening and strengthening that tummy. A winning combination!

Rock it out! You'll love the high energy that this class offers... You'll learn and perform Jen's original hip-hop choreography to some of the sweetest beats out there. Learn the dances to throw down at the club while getting one heck of a workout!

Hula Hoop
Description to come :)

Breaking a sweat is the name of the game in this non-stop, pulse-pumping, jab-throwing, round-house-kicking, power hour! Kees Camp was voted 2012 Runner-Up Best Kickbox Studio in Des Moines and surrounding areas due to its tenacious training style. Every kick, punch & power block is taught with controlled form and safety in mind. (Bring your gloves and wraps if you want to hit & kick things!)

Open Gym
Get your workout on your way! Open gym is where we open up the studio, you come in and work on the things you want. Get more pole time, hoop, run on the treadmill, Zumba it out... The choice is yours! NOTE: THIS CLASS IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR FIRST TIMERS as there is NO INSTRUCTOR.

Pole Blast™
ONLY AT KEES CAMP: Another Kees Camp original! Welcome to a whole new way to apply pole as an everyday fitness routine! Whether or not you care to pole dance, if you like the dancer physique and appreciate the look of long, lean muscles and sculpted shoulders, arms, abs and lower body, Pole Blast is a class you will not want to miss! You’ll challenge your body in a whole new way. Expect the best of flexibility, strength, joint stimulation and core conditioning in this class. Achieve a pole body, whether or not you pole!

Pole Flow
Our cole pole dance curriculum, Pole Flow teaches pole fitness via original, choreographed dance routines set to music. You'll learn a myriad of fluid pole dance steps, floor work skills, tricks and transitions. There are 5 tiers of Pole Flow ranging from Basic to Expert. The Basic tier starts with fundamentals and is suited to *ANY* ability level. Pole Flow classes pair nicely with Pole Tricks classes. (Pole Tricks is where you create a strong trick foundation, Pole Flow is where you piece it all together). You work at your own pace, each class is self-contained so you're never behind. You can work at any tier for as long (or as often) as you want. Every 6 months, each skill tier will be refreshed with new moves so you never stop learning, growing, playing and poling — no matter who you are or how fast you learn!

Pole Jam
Bring your mood, moves and music — together we'll choreograph a 2 – 3 minute routine showcasing your creativity! Not only is this a great class to learn the "how-to's" of choreography and prepare for your next performance, but it's a great time to just pole the way you want to! All levels are encouraged to attend, inspire & let it go.

Pole Tricks
Pole fitness includes many aspects: dance, floor work, transitional movement, flexibility, core strength, and (of course) the tricks! After warming up the muscles and joints of the body at the beginning of Pole Tricks class, our expert trainers will lead you through strength and conditioning drills specific to the trick(s) taught during class. New tricks and combos are introduced each class. Over time, you'll develop a better understanding of proper posture, grip and core control, allowing you to experience tricks safely and confidently.
There are 5 tiers of Pole Tricks ranging from Basic to Expert. The Basic tier starts with fundamentals and is suited to *ANY* ability level. Pole Tricks pairs nicely with Pole Flow (Pole Tricks is where you create a strong trick foundation, Pole Flow is where you piece it all together). Grip aids recommended (Kees Camp has some of its favorites for sale in the boutique). Samples available, just ask the trainer.

Pole Tricks & Flow
Pole Tricks & Flow is where you take the skills that you've learned in Pole Flow and Pole Tricks classes and learn how to combine them into seamless performance pieces
under the guidance of Kees Camp Trainers.

Hands-down, PumpTime is one of our most sought-after workouts. For anyone wanting to learn, understand and educate themselves about proper form in fitness and exercise. You'll work your body from head to toe utilizing a variety of weights personalized to your ability level. One muscle at a time, song-by-song, minute-by-minute. This high-energy workout produces lean, tight, strong, sculpted muscles for a lifetime to come!

Skill Share
Learn a new skill each class! Skill share offers a rotating variety of training in different areas of fitness, dance and performance. See calendar for specific Skill Share subjects during the fitness term.

Flexibility is the foundation of effective muscle development, injury prevention, body awareness and core control. Yoga at Kees Camp allows you to experience the properties of great flexibility — front to back, top to bottom, left to right. It will also help you connect your mind and soul to your internal energies. Kees Camp yoga combines Vinyasa and Hatha yoga. Vinyasa to improve blood flow, overall circulation and joint stimulation. Hatha ("Hatha" meaning forceful) for slow and deep stretching (which can greatly increase flexibility and help prevent injuries during physical activity). Each class closes with self-reflection time and breath work. All ability levels are welcome. We ask that you keep your mind open to new experiences within your body and challenge yourself to become more flexible, self-aware and powerful!

Are you the type that loves to dance, but don't want to cram onto a tight dance floor to learn the latest dance craze? Welcome to Zumba at Kees Camp! We pride ourselves in our dance curriculum — and Zumba is no exception! Learn the latest in hip-hop, latin, burlesque, cabaret and jazz (and maybe even a little go-go-robics from the 60's)… If you love to dance, have fun and sweat like crazy, come dance with us! Kees Camp is Zumba certified and part of the National Zumba Instructor Network.

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